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For any requests for pictures, prints, but also for comments, remarks or suggestions for improvement, I am happy to get your feedback! Therefore, please contact me via my email address: contact (at) martindietzel (dot) com

Martin Dietzel

ABOUT ME - Photography, especially astronomy and later also astro-photography have been my passion since I was a little boy. Born in Germany, since young ages I always wanted to have a camera which I could use for capturing the moments, scenes and skies that fascinated me. So my parents gave me an old SLR camera with classical film which I could use for my first attempts in landscape- and astro-photography.

I then made my first steps in wide field images of constellations with manual tracking on an alt-az mount. Due to the lack of developing material for chemical films, I brought my first roll of film to the local camera store.

After several days of excited waiting for the results, I went to the store to pick up the pictures. The owner looked at me and told me that he threw all pictures away, since there were only white dots visible... That day I decided to save my money for a digital camera and do 'the development' on my own. Today, I work with a modern DSLR and specialized, cooled astronomy-CCD-cameras to take my images.

Martin Dietzel

Being lucky to have a job that allows me to travel a lot, my camera is always with me. Most of my free time is dedicated to photography, image processing and to the search for new themes and motifs. Some of my pictures were published in books, magazines, the EPOD (Earth Science Picture of the Day) and APOD (Astronomy picture of the day).

One of my special interests is total solar eclipse chasing together with my friends and colleagues Miloslav Druckmüller from the Czech Republic, Shadia Habbal from IFA Hawaii and the Shadow Tracking Expeditions. These expeditions have led me to remote places like e.g. the Mongolian desert, the Enewetok and Tatakoto atolls in the Pacific Ocean or close to Lake Turkana in Kenya. Overall, I am very lucky to able to travel to all those remote and interesting places.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein

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