Know-how, tipps and reviews

Photography is easy, especially if you know some tricks and how-to's. Here is a continuously growing selection of articles about tipps and tricks for various topics:

Get colorful stars in wide-angle astro-photography

How-to on getting picutres with bright and colorful stars and prominent constellations

Avoiding motion blur - how long can I expose?

How-to on avoiding accidental motion blur in pictures by using correct exposure times

Astro-photography with a tripod - how long can I expose?

How-to on the maximum exposure time that is possible when using a tripod only for astro-photography

Tripod only astro-photography

Is it possible to take pictures of bright nebulae with a tripod only? Yes it is! An example of M42 the Great Orion Nebula.

Looking for reviews or user experience reports of photogrpahy equipment? Here is a collection of short experience or test reports about the photography equipment I came accross or find good to know:

Manfrotto Befree Carbon travel tripod

My experiences with this lightweight travel tripod

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