Astronomy and night time photography

Category 'Shootings' and image series taken on special locations

This is a collection of night time, astronomy photos and of atmospheric effects

Nighttime pictures with a story behind them. In this section there are pictures shown that may not be the most artistic, the most beautiful or high-class but they have some story behind them.

Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise. On July 13 at around 23.00 MESZ I got a nice view on the comet's appearance in the evening sky. It was clearly visible with the naked eye besides street lides. The visible tail was about 2 degrees long. Pictures taken with a tripod only and no tracking mount used (Canon EOS DSLR with 120mm lens).


Venus meets the Pleiades (M45)

On April 2, 2020 the planet Venus had a close encounter with the open cluster M45 also known as the Pleiades. Such a close encounter is a rare event that can only be seen every few years. This picture was taken with a tripod only (no tracking mount used). I tried to capture the very large difference in brightness between Venus and the Pleiades as it could be seen by eye.


Orion and the dimmest Betelgeuse

On February 15, 2020 after many reports of the fainting star Betelgeuse (red giant star at the left shoulder) I had the chance to capture the constellation of Orion. It seems that according to many observations Betelgeuse has dimmed by more than 1 magnitude. After Feb 15 the star became brighter again. So this picture was taken approximately at the minimum of Betelgeuse's brightness.

Deepsky photos, mostly taken through different telescopes and using different cameras like the Moravian Instruments monochrome CCD camera and filter wheel or even the unmodified Canon EOS DSLR camera. All those images were taken between 2012 and 2014, so quite some time ago. Unfortunately my current location (and also free time...) does not allow for deepsky photography.

Wide-angle starfield and constellations, taken with an unmodified Canon DSLR camera and a tripod only.

Atmospheric effects and halos. Sometimes you are lucky to see beautiful atmospheric effects like halos, green or blue flashes or other fantastic miracles.

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